Skilled Migrants

The Chamber offers two programmes that assist employers with recruitment and retention of skilled migrant staff, both of which are government funded and free to all employers. 

Connecting Canterbury Employers and Newcomers Skill programme - assists employers by connecting them with newcomer skills and providing support and advice on the retention of newcomers who they employ. This programme also assists newcomers with their job search by providing support specific to their needs and connecting them with potential employers. For more information visit our Connecting Canterbury Employers and Newcomers Skills page or email Jude Ryan-O'Dea or call 03 353 4161.

Skilled Migrant Business Services - new migrant staff need extra information and support to quickly integrate into their communities and workplaces. Skilled Migrant Business Services provides free resources and information to employers of newcomers about settlement topics ranging from the health care and education systems to the New Zealand work culture. Skilled Migrant Business Services also works with employers by providing advice, workshops and resources to assist them to support their newcomers in the workplace. For more information visit our Skilled Migrant Business Services page or email Lisa Burdes or call 03 366 5096.

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