Skilled Migrant Business Services

Skilled Migrant Business Services is a free service available to all employers of new migrants in Canterbury who need settlement information and advice. It is funded by Immigration New Zealand and delivered by the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce.

Skilled Migrant Business Services (SMBS) assists employers to retain their skilled migrant staff by supporting them and their families to settle and integrate effectively into their communities.

SMBS assists employers to:

  • provide settlement information and support to new migrant staff,
  • understand the importance of effective supervision and management when integrating new migrants into the workplace, and
  • improve workplace communication by providing resources and tips on New Zealand's unique communication style.

Free in-house workshops / presentations:

Learning more about different work cultures is an important part of creating of productive multi-cultural workplaces. SMBS can deliver short workshops or presentations for your existing staff and/or your new migrant employees to improve workplace relations and communication between migrant and non-migrant staff. These workshops cover:

 For existing staff:

  • The changing cultural diversity of our region (including INZ stats and trends),
  • what makes New Zealand workplaces and communication different to other countries,
  • practical advice on how to deal with cultural differences in the workplace, and
  • tools and resources to help with workplace relations.

For new migrant staff:

  • What to expect about life in New Zealand,
  • an understanding of New Zealand workplace culture,
  • how the Kiwi communication style is different (and often challenging),
  • strategies to successfully adapt to working and living in this country, and
  • tools and resources to help with the settlement journey.

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For more settlement resources visit immigration,govt,nz/employers, or contact us:

Lisa Burdes

Skilled Migrant Business Advisor 

03 353 4166


Do your staff have settlement queries that you can't answer?

Immigration New Zealand provide the following support services to assist new migrants with settlement queries:

  • On the telephone: from a fixed landline, Freephone: 0800 776 948 / from a mobile phone: (09) 914 4100 


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