An Accessible City Plan - Key Issues

7 December 2016

The Chamber held a special event with the business community in November 2016 to discuss key issues around the Christchurch City Council's 'An Accessible City Plan'. The event, which featured speakers from the Council, drew a crowd of over 80 people. Below is an outline of the issues raised at this event. The Chamber is committed to holding a follow up event in mid-2017.


30km Zone

  • Disrupting flow on St Asaph and Montreal Streets in particular.
  • Is the balance right in specific areas?
  • What is the mechanism to review / monitor the zone and how do we provide feedback to the Council?

Car Parking

  • What are the timeframes for future development?
  • What is the cost of the additional car parks planned?
  • Lack of carparks due to new cycle lanes – in particular St Asaph Street.

Bus Patronage

  • ECan vs CCC roles / coordination.
  • Difficulty addressing issues with multiple agencies holding responsibility.

General issues

  • Consultation methods should be implemented before not just after.
  • Traffic control in central city (in particular red arrows creating congestion).
  • Poor lighting in the central city with the loss of additional light from buildings.

Actions Post Forum

  1. The Chamber will hold a follow up session in six months’ time to monitor progress, review what’s working and what’s not. Tentatively scheduled for 30 May 2017 (save the date).
  2. Formalise a consultation mechanism between Chamber members and CCC on any changes to the central city (before they become firm plans).
  3. Comprehensive monitoring of the 30km zones underway with resolutions in 12 months. 

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