COVID-19 - Caring for our community

The wellbeing of Enable’s customers and staff is always their top priority.

They understand that many people in our community rely on a consistent, fast internet connection to stay connected – to receive the latest health updates, stay in touch with friends and family, keep a business operating or to work from home. They would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that, as an operator of critical infrastructure, they have plans in place to ensure they can continue to keep their community connected.

With stricter measures currently in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, it is realistic to assume that people in our community may be required to work from home. Now is a good time to check your home broadband to see if you’re set up to shift to the ‘home office’ if need-be. Enable have redirected their resources to ensure they can progress all fibre orders as quickly as possible.

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Over 110,000 local families, businesses, schools, healthcare providers and community service providers are embracing fibre broadband to realise unlimited opportunities. Enable owns and operates a world-class fibre broadband network and partners with all leading internet providers to deliver fibre broadband services to Cantabrians.

Enable is driven to help its community connect to the power and potential of the digital world. Its fibre broadband empowers local educators to provide students with new learning opportunities, businesses to embrace technology to grow and access new customers, and families to living connected lives.  Enable is 100 percent owned by the people of Christchurch, through Christchurch City Holdings Limited.