Lane Neave is proud to be The Chamber's legal specialist partner. Recognised nationally as one of New Zealand's leading full-service law firms, Lane Neave's diverse and eclectic nature legal minds means they can offer the depth of knowledge and experience required for any job. It's also what makes them innovative and gives clients an edge. Their entrepreneurial thinking means they design and tailor legal teams around your requirements.

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We can get through this together
The potential impact of COVID-19 is constantly evolving as case numbers in New Zealand continue to increase and further Government restrictions are announced. We want to assure our clients and any businesses that are in need of legal assistance that Lane Neave remains open and ready to support you through this difficult time. Our corporate team is currently assisting our clients in a number of areas. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help you. Find out more.

Leading through uncertainty
At a time of crisis, the leaders of a business need to take action quickly to ensure the safety of its people and the ongoing sustainability of the business. The Government decisions around COVID-19 this week has, while protecting the health of our population, created a swift economic downturn which is going to be felt for many months or even years yet.

There is uncertainty for business, uncertainty for employees and ultimately uncertainty around our health. Despite this uncertainty, good governance is vital for organisations and directors need to act on the information they have to date and monitor the business closely. Read more.