The Chamber Board comprises of 12 Directors who each serve a two-year term. There are six positions available this election and we have 11 candidates standing for the Board.

As with almost every other organisation in the region, we too have been impacted by COVID-19, which has required a step change in how we conduct our organisation, as well as our strategic planning for the future. This has presented us with an opportunity to accelerate our transformation, a journey we commenced in 2019. As such the Board should be a diverse group of passionate people representative of our membership to help The Chamber leverage opportunities and navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business environment whilst continuing to support and empower our members, and partner for impact.


Andrew Dallison

Moffat NZ Operations

Oliver Hunt



Paul Deavoll

Orion NZ Ltd

Ric Thorpe

Sidekick CA


Charlotte Sullivan



Benjamin Badger



Matthew Mark

Christchurch City Mission