Mark Allan

Managing Director
Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd

Born in Christchurch and have lived on a life-style block in the Waimakariri District for the last 30 years. Married to Maureen with two adult children.

Registered Professional (Land) Surveyor and Managing Director of Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd (established in Christchurch in 1932). I am proud to be a Fellow of Survey and Spatial NZ.

I have been a Director of Eliot Sinclair for 24 years. In that time the Company has grown from a small family business into a multi-disciplinary company with offices in four locations around the South Island. This diversification continues to require changes to governance and management structures to support our people and technology changes to business systems and processes to promote efficiencies through innovation.

Over many years I have gained considerable experience in the governance and management of member organisations in various roles including:

- Past President of Survey and Spatial NZ (S+SNZ formally NZIS)
- Past Chairman of Consulting Surveyors NZ (CSNZ).
- Past Board Member of NZIS.
- Past President and Board Chairman of the Mandeville Sports Club.
- Past Member of the St Andrews College Pipe Band Advisory Board.
- Past Chairman of the Ohoka School Board of Trustees
- Past President of the Rangiora Squash Club.

The Canterbury community has demonstrated its resilience in the face of many challenges over the last 10 years. I am passionate about supporting the people and our province to meet these challenges and look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Board of The Chamber.