During these uncertain times, cashflow, confidence and connections is pivotal in shaping a thriving business community for the future.

We continue to receive a significant number of enquiries asking for business advice, support and resources, reinforcing our role in seeking clarity and escalating issues with local and central Government. 

Through our BusinessNZ Network, we have been working closely with Government to ensure there is support that meets the needs of business, including practical measures to promote business and job continuity and acknowledge the Government’s response to the prioritisation of these issues.

We have provided input and helped to shape the wage subsidy and various iterations to ensure it is fit-for-purpose. We have also sought clarity on essential services, particularly on what constitutes an essential service and any levels of operation our businesses may be able to undertake.

Other outcomes such as the delay to new capital requirements for banks, allowing banks to make more credit available; depreciation deductions for commercial and industrial buildings; waived interest on some late tax payments; temporary relaxation of duration of some work visas; and, consideration of amending insolvency law to head off job cuts and company closures due to emergency-induced insolvency have all been welcomed by businesses and are a positive result of the collaboration between the BusinessNZ network, of which The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce is a part of, and the Government.

We have also provided information on business needs to Government decision-makers around operational changes to the register of businesses able to manufacture COVID-19 protection items.

Other advocacy and outcomes include:

MAY 2020

JUNE 2020