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Marketing and Communications during COVID-19

Marketing and Communicating in a COVID-19 World
The pandemic crisis has created a host of new challenges for marketing products and services, not least of all the financial impact on businesses and customers alike. Savvy spending and efficient communication has never been more important. 

Hear from Communications Director and Co-Founder at Mint Design, Alice Moore, who shares practical guidance and advice on how to adapt your marketing and communicate effectively to your clients in the current COVID-19 climate.

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Mint Marketing Sessions: DIY Marketing through Disruption
In the current COVID-19 environment, rapid implementation and budget friendly marketing counts more than ever. Presented by Mint Design, this webinar provides practical tips and tools for marketing that you can DIY.  

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Navigating Cashflow, Bank Support, Governance and Legal Considerations

Managing Cashflow and Accounting for Subsidies in a COVID-19 environment
Presenter: Ashton Wheelans and Lane Neave
This 60 minute webinar presented by our Specialist partners Ashton Wheelans and Lane Neave , addresses how to manage your cash flow through uncertain times, including insight on accounting for wage subsidies and payroll, and understanding your lease obligations. 

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Assessing and Understanding Business Viability through Disruption
Hosted by The Chamber and our Specialist Partners Ashton Wheelans and Lane Neave , this webinar addresses the financial and legal considerations core to the viability of your business as the country prepares to move to a new alert level.

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COVID-19: Navigating Banking Support
Navigating Bank Support and the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme
The government is working with Banks to support New Zealand businesses facing adversity as a consequence of COVID-19. Mark Forward, Area Commercial Manager. Westpac joined us live online to share details on the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme.

Proudly supported by  
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Small Business Cashflow Scheme
This Critical Update addresses the recently announced Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme, and brings together a panel of experts from key Government agencies to provide more details of the scheme and how this will operate.

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Q&A with The Hon Paul Goldsmith
Watch this Q&A event where The Hon. Paul Goldsmith, National's spokesperson for Finance and Infrastructure, answers questions on the plan for our economy following The Minister of Finance, Hon Grant Robertson’s address on Thursday, 14 May.

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HR, People and Employment Considerations

Supporting a Graceful Transition
For some businesses the economic impact of COVID-19 has sadly led business owners down a pathway of considering restructuring and potential redundancies for their businesses to remain viable. 

We encourage you to watch this webinar on Supporting a Graceful Transition provided online by The Chamber and facilitated by Career Transition specialists Zestpeople. This recorded session will provide you with insight into how to support your staff through these changes with sensitivity.

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Seeking Alternative Arrangements with Staff for Continued Employment

Presented by The Chambers Advisory and Consultancy Manager Melicia Clough, this 45 minute webinar aims to support employers with key information critical to meeting their employment obligations at this time. 

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Change Management Essentials Through Disruption
Whether it is a change in services, systems, processes, places of work, people, or roles, change can be unsettling especially when it is sudden. The good news is there are several things you can do as a manager, starting now, to guide your team through change successfully.

This one-hour webinar on Change Management Essentials Through Disruption takes a proactive, thoughtful and strategic look at how you can support your employees not only to navigate but also succeed in, adopting a change in this uncertain and challenging time.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety for at Home Workers
This recorded online COVID-19 webinar is on Understanding and Maintaining Health and Safety for at Home Workers. This webinar will address the prolonged period for many working at home, employer obligations for H&S, and advice and tools.

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Supporting Wellbeing for Employers and Employees

Supporting Staff During COVID-19
For those of us managing teams or leading businesses, even a small ‘bump in the road’ can require the deft use of some management or personal skills to keep the team on course. This session equips participants with the ability to recognise when a team or team member are slipping in their personal management and learn the skills to approach the challenges supportively and helpfully.

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Looking after Your Mental Health During Covid-19
Presenter: Lisa Ducat, Mental Health Foundation
It’s a tense time for most of us. COVID-19 is scary, and it’s rapidly changing the way we work, socialise and live. We know many people are feeling anxious, stressed, worried and scared.

Presented by The Mental Health Foundation, this 45 minute webinar provides some tips for looking after your mental during COVID-19.  

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Leadership in Uncertain Times

Leading through COVID-19 - Practical Support for Leaders and Managers
Leading teams through the current COVID-19 crisis can be a daunting prospect. Presented by Victoria Barkway, Bold Consultancy, this one-hour webinar shares practical tips and effective approaches for leaders and managers to engage with and support their teams through disruptive times.

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Immigration Updates

An Immigration Update during COVID-19
Presented on 7 May 2020 by SkillsConnect Canterbury and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) this 20 minute webinar offers employers some advice and guidance for their migrant employees. INZ will explain their Covid-19 response to date and some of the options and challenges that migrant workers and employers may be facing during this time.

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The Chamber

As the home and voice of Canterbury business, we are here to help.  Being part of the BusinessNZ Network, we are here to offer advice and support for businesses concerned about the risk or impact of COVID-19.

For advice specific to your situation, please contact The Chamber on 0800 50 50 96 or 03 366 5096, or email info@cecc.org.nz or contact one of The Chamber’s advisory team. See all The Chamber contact information on our Advice and Support page.