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Our Commitment to Sustainbility

As a responsible business organisation, we are committed to leading by example as we go on our own sustainability journey and helping members to build their own sustainability pathways. Orion is our proud partner for sustainability, and we are thrilled to share our journey with you.

What we are doing

We are committed to achieving Carbon Zero certification by FY23. Sustainability is not achieved overnight but via taking action, one step at a time. We are taking those steps, and in doing so, showing how the transition to sustainability can be achieved.

Our first steps have included:

  • Over the last two years we have partnered with Orion to inspire and educate Canterbury businesses on what sustainability means to them and how to begin navigating the journey of carbon reduction through a series seminars and events. We have run two recent webinars on the impact of climate change on the Canterbury region with the Climate Change Commission and with Kantar on both sustainability and Kiwi attitudes towards sustainability.


  • Determining our footprint. 

What's next

Next, we are working with business partners such as Deta to develop an action plan that will help us achieve Carbon Zero. Watch this space for our journey!

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Learn with us

As a learning and training body, we specialise in creating immersive, unique and insightful learning experiences combined with practical tips to move your business forward. In sustainability, we have launched an Introduction to Sustainability course and are building a depth of offerings following from this including a materiality workshop in the coming months on ‘Focusing on what Matters’.

Find out more about Learning and Upcoming Events.

Case studies

Within our membership we have businesses doing great things when it comes to sustainability. A key example is one of our members Eagle Protect who were the first B Corp in New Zealand. Untouched World are another leading example of sustainability (and also a B Corp). Their innovations in sustainable textiles and leveraging local supply – with 96% of materials sourced locally – are widely known and underpin a successful business model.

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Note: You can learn more about B Corp standards on their website

News and resources

To keep up to speed with what is a moving beast, click here to see recent news on sustainability.

We also know sustainability can be a tricky topic and difficult to unpack to know where to start. See our resources here to help you on your way.