Due to the latest government directive, our export documentation service is working from home. Whilst our electronic service for certificates will carry on as normal, this will mean a few changes to our Wet Stamp service.

We will still be able to provide this service, albeit with following restrictions:

  1. Documents must delivered and collected via courier service only (as they are still classed as an essential service and are permitted to operate) and ask that you contact us prior via certs@cecc.org.nz for delivery instructions.
  2. You will need to provide the documents in a sealed envelope - already printed and importantly along with a copy for our records.
  3. The courier is to wait outside the door while the documents are certified and they can take the documents away again straight away – no entry will be permitted. Alternatively they can leave and collection arranged after certification.
For any FTA Certificates required prior to the submission timeframes – more than 3 working days prior to AANZ FTA and 7 working days prior for China FTA and Standard Certificates of Origin, we ask that you please contact us via certs@cecc.org.nz

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry have been approved as a Certified Body by New Zealand Customs. As a member of NZCCI we can issue preferential certificates of origin under the following Free Trade Agreements:

- New Zealand – China Free Trade Agreement
- ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZ FTA)
- NZCFTA and AANZFTA certificates of origin can only be issued if the goods qualify and relevant supporting documentation is provided.

For more information about how to obtain a NZCFTA or AANZFTA Certificate of Origin, please email the Certs Team or call 03 366 5096.
Registered users can submit their FTA Certificates of Origin through Chamberdocs.


Certificates of origin (COO) are ‘shipment specific’ documents certifying the place of growth, production, or manufacture of goods exported from New Zealand. If you wish to obtain a certificate of origin, please email the Certs Team for information about the registration process.

There are two ways in which non-preferential certificates of origin can be submitted:

1. Manual Certification 
Wet-stamped certification may be required by some Customs Authorities – particularly for Middle Eastern countries. Please check with your importer if a wet-stamp COO is required or if an electronically certified COO will suffice.
1. Download the required template:
- Certificate of Origin
- Certificate of Foreign Origin
- Certificate of Free Sale
- Certificate of Manufacture

2. Complete your template.

3. Forward to the Chamber for certification via:
Email: certs@cecc.org.nz. Certified documents will be processed on the same day and will be returned via a pre-arranged method with the exporter.
Deliver To: Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, 57 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, 8013. Documents can be certified while you wait, please ensure a copy of each document is provided for our records. 

2. Electronic Certification
Registered users can submit their standard certificates of origin through eCertify. This allows you to complete your certificate of origin online and receive your approved documents in PDF format. 

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
With the CPTPP entering into force at the end of December 2018, NZCCI  have put together a handy FAQ sheet for exporters. This includes an overview of what the agreement is all about, how to determine whether your goods meet origin requirements and how to format a CPTPP certification of origin. Read the FAQ sheet here.

A carnet is a Customs document which facilitates the temporary export of goods overseas. They can be likened to as passport for your goods. Carnets can be valid for up to a year, for multiple trips.

The advantages of using a carnet are that they will:
- Save you money – by allowing temporary duty-free admission of your goods into overseas countries.
- Save you time – by avoiding the need to prepare importation forms for different counties.
- Save on hassle – by avoiding the possibility of goods being confiscated by Customs.
- Make business easier – by making Customs arrangement in advance and at a predetermined cost. 

Carnets can only be obtained from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. For more information and to apply, please follow this link.

- FTA Certificates of Origin: $33.00 + GST
- Standard Documentation (CECC Member): $25.00 + GST
- Standard Documentation (CECC Non-member): $46.00 + GST

To register for the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce export documentation service, please call on 03 366 5096 or email the Certs Team