The Manufacturers' Network Women in Manufacturing Group provides a platform where the women working in manufacturing to come together and support one another, share knowledge and experiences and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge from within.

The Women in Manufacturing group meetings are set to run approximately every 6 weeks. 

The aim of this group is to ultimately help progress your careers, your businesses, and the sector through developing a stronger, more diverse workforce. Running alongside and complementary to the bigger manufacturing picture, the end goal is to bring manufacturing to light, encourage people to start careers in this industry and ensure a prosperous future for manufacturing in New Zealand.

This, Women in Manufacturing group is exclusively open to members of The Manufacturers' Network. The group itself will provide the direction of travel for the forum with it being open only to those working in manufacturing. Keeping the membership of the group focused will allow the group to deep dive into the right discussions at the right time.

To join the group, please email John Hamilton at [email protected]

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