15 June 2022

The Stadium must be built

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce is encouraging the 2,700 members and 75,000 employees it represents to submit in favour of building the stadium without delay.

“If we want Christchurch to be a world-class city then the stadium, the last major anchor project of the rebuild, must be completed,” says Leeann Watson, Chief Executive of the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce.

“Stopping the project is not an option.

“Pausing the decision to re-evaluate, consider scaling back, and cross fingers that the cost might decrease is also not an option.

“The only option is to build it. Investing in the future of our city has never been more important.

“The longer we debate this, the more irrelevant Christchurch becomes as the second largest city in New Zealand and the less we are considered as a viable host for major international events, concerts, cultural events and international sporting fixtures which showcase Christchurch on the world stage.

“The significant economic and social benefits to Christchurch, the Canterbury region, our business community, and our residents could not be clearer.

“If any of our elected representatives opt to pause or stop the construction altogether, it sends a very clear message that they have no ambition for the future of the city.

“Christchurch City Council has published figures indicating that rates will go up by a not insignificant amount. This is not factoring in alternative financing options nor the sale of Orangetheory, and is scaremongering at best.

“Full consideration of all funding options available to support the completion of the stadium and negotiations with other councils regarding financing arrangements should have taken place years ago.

“The business community is increasingly raising concerns that the Council lacks ambition and has no coherent plan for positioning Christchurch as a thriving city in the future.

“We encourage all businesses within the Canterbury region to make a submission in favour of the stadium getting built without delay, as planned, to ensure that the future of our city is not compromised.”

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For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Leeann Watson, Chief Executive, 027 447 7775, [email protected],

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) is a not-for-profit membership-based service organisation that has been the home and voice of business in the Canterbury region since 1859. Comprised of over 2,700 member organisations that represent over 75,000 employees, The Chamber’s purpose is to empower people in business by providing advisory and consultancy support in employment relations, human resources, health and safety, international trade, manufacturing, migrant support, research and development grants, and training and development in many areas.