Is this an individual or business membership?

Membership with The Chamber is on a business level. We support members businesses of all sizes - from sole traders through to larger corporates.  

How much does membership cost?

Membership with The Chamber is calculated on the number of full time employees (FTE) or equivalent at the time of joining. The table below shows our current membership fees. 

Number of Full Time Staff                       Annual Fee*                  Dual Premium*  
The Chamber & The Manufacturers' Network 
 Sole Operator $385.00    $540.00
 2 - 10 $550.00    $765.00 
 11 - 25 $850.00    $1,175.00 
 26 - 50 $1,190.00    $1,645.00 
 51 - 100 $1,945.00    $2,705.00 
 101 - 200 $2,845.00    $3,960.00 
 200 + $4,060.00    $5,685.00 

*All pricing detailed is excluding GST.

Join The Manufacturers' Network (TMN) and together we will grow New Zealand's vibrant manufacturing sector. To learn more about TMN click here.

How many staff can access the membership?

We encourage all members to provide a list of staff they feel will benefit from Their Chamber membership. You are not capped at how many staff are listed under your membership. Our membership team are happy to help you if you are unsure who should be utilising it.

What does membership give me?

All members have access to free and discounted events and training within their membership, in conjunction with a raft of other entitlements. View all member entitlements here .

Click here for terms and conditions.

Get in touch. For more information on becoming a member speak to one of our dedicated Membership team email [email protected] or call 0800 50 50 96.