Investing is Simple

(just don't listen to the media)


Hear from Sheryl Sutherland of The Financial Strategies Group and Jim Parker of Dimensional about efficient and sophisticated investment strategies.

A free, informative seminar brought to you by The Financial Strategies Group for anyone interested in investing:

> Translate compelling research into real world investment solutions.
> Use investment strategies built around the pioneering work of Nobel Prize Winner Eugene Fama.
> Understand why it is impossible to beat the market through stock picking.
> Understand how advanced financial science identifies factors that can be exploited to harness the power of the markets. 


About The Financial Strategies Group

The Financial Strategies Group is a long standing financial planning practice. The company has access to all major fund managers and is continually researching and reviewing its products and services. Their aim is to strengthen knowledge and awareness of the various opportunities available to assist the control of future financial prospects with greater certainty and security.




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Monday 6 March


4.00pm - 5.30pm


147 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch


Sheryl Sutherland & Jim Parker

Sheryl is an Authorised Financial Adviser, member of the PAA (Professional Advisors Association) and is a Judicial Justice of the Peace.
She has appeared on TV and is a frequent radio interviewee. She has run seminars throughout New Zealand and presented at many conferences. For many years, a regular columnist for The Press and various magazines on financial matters, and is the author of two books.

Jim is the Regional Director, Communications and Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, has 25 years' experience as a journalist in multiple forms of media.
His speciality was financial journalism, particularly in relation to economics and financial markets. Jim is able to distil the chaos that is financial media and how potential 'winners' more often than not, turn out to be 'losers.'






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