Essential Supervision Skills Programme



Do you have the essential skills to be a team leader?

This course is broken into five modules and provides you with the practical tools and an opportunity to develop your skills and make the transition from individual team member to team leader. 

  • how to build relationships with your team
  • strategies to manage conflict
  • the art of successful delegation
  • techniques to engage your team in decision making and problem solving
  • how to coach others to develop their skills and knowledge

You can elect to attend the whole course or individual modules according to your needs. Please note we can also deliver this as an in-house option.

You’ll learn about:

Module 1: Understanding Your Role 

• The supervisory role as it relates to your workplace 
• Building relationships with your team
• Motivating your team to perform

 Module 2: Getting Things Done 

• Setting clear goals and prioritising tasks
• The art of successful delegation and managing time stealers

 Module 3: Handling Tricky Situations 

• Understanding how conflict arises in the workplace
• Strategies to manage and resolve conflict

 Module 4: Developing Others to Succeed 

• Coaching others to develop their skills and knowledge
• Giving appraisal feedback in a one-on-one situation

Module 5: Making Good Decisions 

• Improving the quality of your decisions
• Adopting a systematic approach to problem solving and making decisions with confidence.

So you can:

  • Operate effectively and support your manager and teams
  • Contribute to a motivational workplace culture
  • Achieve a balance in your workload and supervisory responsibilities
  • Work efficiently and allocate work to others to get the tasks done
  • Manage conflict situations calmly and constructively
  • Develop your team members to reach their full potential
  • Give constructive and motivational feedback to others 
  • Think about workplace situations from different perspectives
  • Understand and support decisions and get others on board

 To achieve:

  • A manageable workload
  • A workplace culture that is motivational and engaging
  • Efficiency within the workplace
  • A high performing and harmonious working environment
  • Teams that are working well together to achieve business objectives

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone in an existing Supervisory or 2IC role who wishes to refresh their skills, and explore current best practice.
  • Anyone who is thinking of moving into a supervisory role and wishes to explore the role, and responsibilities further. 

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Comments from previous attendees

“Delivery was awesome clear and well explained, materials were helpful and content spot on.”

“Victoria has a good knowledge and presents in a fun and inclusive manner.”

“Content was interactive, made you think and was delivered in an easy to follow programme.”

"Down to earth, easy to relate to, Victoria gets everyone involved with her knowledge, wit and presentation skills."

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Monday 23 & 30 July and 6, 13 & 20 August 2018


9:30am to 1:00pm


The Chamber, 57 Kilmore Street


Victoria Barkway
Victoria Barkway

Victoria (Bold Consultancy) specialises in the design, delivery and evaluation of management, leadership, supervsion and human resource training programmes. Victoria brings a depth of knowledge and experience.



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