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Survey Confirms Value of 90-day Trials

6 June 2018

A nationwide survey of businesses and employers has clearly shown the 90-day trial periods has encouraged businesses to hire workers they would otherwise not have, says Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce CEO Leeann Watson.

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Chamber Concerned at Fair Pay Agreements Proposal

5 June 2018

Fair Pay Agreements are a cause of concern for the business community, says Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce CEO Leeann Watson.

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The Chamber calls for new, innovative thinking in CCC LTP

16 April 2018

The Christchurch City Council needs to genuinely investigate new ways to raise revenue and manage assets and infrastructure to deliver a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable 21st century city, says Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce CEO Leeann Watson.

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APRIL METROPOL - Christchurch, NZ's 2nd Largest City

12 April 2018

Christchurch is a city that has been presented with a unique opportunity to redevelop itself.  While that comes with a price tag, we should ensure we deliver an experience and a standard of living that reflects the fact that we are New Zealand’s second largest city.


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METROPOL - Innovation & City Identity

15 March 2018

A city is a brand. And just like any great brand, we need to be clear on who we are and what we stand for. We need to be aspirational to inspire bold thinking, and ultimately attract great talent and interest in our city. 


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Canterbury Today: Cover Story on Leeann Watson

16 February 2018

Leeann Watson has always taken great pride in seeking out opportunities, putting herself forward and giving it her best - climbing the ladder rung by rung. Her latest opportunity got her to the top.

Stepping into 2018 as the new CEO of The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Leeann admits, is a humbling feeling. 


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Change is inevitable. View it as your opportunity.

31 January 2018

Preparing yourself for the future will be essential and there is no better time than the new year.

Change is everywhere and the pace has never been faster.  Whether its new government policy, climate change or digital disruption.


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Employment Relations Amendment Bill

25 January 2018

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce welcomes Government’s decision to retain 90-day trial periods for new employees in enterprises with less than 20 employees, says CEO Leeann Watson.


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Born Again: Christchurch's Heart Transplant

18 January 2018

The tragic February 2011 Canterbury earthquake snuffed the very life out of Christchurch's central business district.

Seven years on, an exciting, revitalised CBD is emerging from the rubble. NZBusiness highlights three of the many new and resurrected businesses determined to put the heart back into the city.


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State Highway 1 - Opening Hours Confirmed

20 November 2017

The earthquake-stricken State Highway 1 north of Kaikoura will open for 13-and-a-half hours a day while rebuild work continues. 


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