Change is inevitable. View it as your opportunity.

31 January 2018

Change is inevitable. View it as your opportunity.

Preparing yourself for the future will be essential and there is no better time than the new year.

Change is everywhere and the pace has never been faster.  Whether its new government policy, climate change or digital disruption.

Take technology - many New Zealand businesses are already behind when it comes to adopting new technologies.  Changing your mindset to thinking about the opportunities that technology will bring and not wanting to miss out, rather than focusing on the cost and other barriers, is a good way to start.

Think about the changes that your industry may face from digital disruption. Think about technology from outside your industry that may have an impact on your business.  How might you refocus your resources and respond?  How can you take advantage of the change?

Take the time out from your day to day and start a conversation with someone with a different perspective – a scientist, a graduate, a next gen-er.  Be open. Listen to new ideas.

Look out for the warning signs of disruption – be alert to the signals and work out how you can respond.

Accept that change is inevitable. View it as an opportunity, not a threat.  The right mindset and the right environment for change can transform your business.


Leeann Watson

Chief Executive

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce


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