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Export Documentation Service

Global trade business support
Trade support made easy


Business Canterbury provides exporters with the tools and expertise they need to be successful in global trade. Through our comprehensive export certification services, we pave the way for exporters to seamlessly access foreign markets while navigating intricate import regulations. We can also help exporters establish stronger trade relationships with their customers through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

All Canterbury exporters are welcome to utilise  our certification services, but our members benefit from member-only-pricing.

How the service works

Not sure where to start? Here is a high level view of the export documentation certification process.

Identify Your HS Code

The process to follow will depend on your product and export market.

Find the right HS Code here, consult your customs agent or email

Contact us

Our team can help clarify the process and documentation required based on your HS Code and market.

Complete Documentation
Proceed with the non-preferential or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) route as discussed.
Ready to go
You are all set. We can help you with any further questions along the way or refer to our helpful links below.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call.

More about



About FTAs and COOs

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) support economic growth and global collaboration. By eliminating tariffs and trade restrictions, FTAs enable New Zealand exporters to connect with international markets, promoting the exchange of goods and services in a fair and mutually beneficial manner.

Like to know if your goods are covered under an FTA? Use the Tariff Finder to find out. 

Certificates of Origin (COOs) 

A Certificate of Origin (COO) is a crucial document that provides information about the source of goods, typically stating the country in which the goods were manufactured, produced, or processed. This information aids customs and trade authorities in determining the eligibility of the goods for preferential trade agreements, tariffs, and other trade-related benefits.


FTA Certificates of Origin

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and Industry (NZCCI) have been approved as a Certified Body by New Zealand Customs. As a member of NZCCI, we can issue preferential certificates of origin under the following Free Trade Agreements:

  • New Zealand – China Free Trade Agreement (NZCFTA)
  • ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZ FTA)
  • The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) 

Note: NZCFTA, AANZFTA and RCEP certificates of origin can only be issued if the goods qualify and relevant supporting documentation is provided.

Self-certification of origin for NZ Trade Agreements with Korea, Taiwan, the UK and CPTPP

Within these Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), New Zealand exporters engage in a "self-certification of origin" process. This involves either providing a declaration of origin or issuing a self-issued certificate of origin (CO).

Ensuring precise declarations, comprehending the applicable Preferential Specific Rules (PSR), and recognising the responsibility tied to their origin declaration for both them and the importer are vital for exporters.

The CPTPP is self-declared and does not need an endorsement from the Chamber but can provide this service if necessary. Please check with your customer about this. 

Business Canterbury

Export documentation pricing

.All prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and exclude GST.







These are the prices Business Canterbury members receive automatically
as part of their membership.
We are happy to help any businesses with their documentation processing,
these are our standard prices for this service.
Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Manufacture
Non-preferential COO
Max, 4 document types
Additional Pages
More support


Below are some quick links and documents to help you on your export journey. Plus, we're here to help - feel free to contact us with any queries.
  • · Registering and applying for COOs
  • · Tariff finder and FTA information
  • · Documents for self-certification
  • · COO templates and guides

Registering and applying for COOs

Refer below for more information:

COO templates and guides

Helpful quick-links:

registering and applying for COOs

essCert registration website

essCert Digital Certification website 

ChamberDocs website for Free Trade Agreement Certificates of Origin