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Human Resources Support
We offer a range of HR/ER advice and consultancy services, training courses and customised training.

We can support you with expert advice, training and events.

Disaster Response
From earthquakes to pandemics to whatever comes next, we lead businesses through disaster recovery.

Looking to Grow Your Business?
We have the resources and support you need to help your business grow.

Global Trade
We help businesses, large and small, navigate and thrive in the international marketplace.

We support Canterbury manufacturers to innovate, thrive, and achieve their business goals.

Contact us today to see how we can help

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Learn how membership with Business Canterbury can help you take your business in the direction you want it to go. 

Pricing options

Member savings

Member directory



Standard Memberships

Connect Membership
To grow your network and access member benefits.

Thrive Membership
To take your business to the next level with extra business support.

Invest Membership
For our highest level of support plus opportunities to give back.



Our advocacy work programme ensures our members’ views are represented on policies and decisions at a local and national level.


Grow knowledge, build capability and make connections through our events and learning opportunities.


Health & Safety Training
Leadership Training

No one does networking like Business Canterbury. Check out our events designed to engage, inform and help you expand your network.


Host your own CA5 Event  NEW


Post-Budget Lunch 2024, 4 JuneHOT

Join us for a post-Budget briefing from Minister of Finance, Hon Nicola Willis to learn how the Government's fiscal decisions will impact Canterbury businesses and the nation.


We make it EASY to do business

Business Canterbury offers tools, guidance and expertise to help you deliver.

Learn more about memberships and find out about pricing. 

Why choose Business Canterbury?

We are the home and voice of Canterbury Business. Over 2,400 Canterbury organisations trust us to be their support.

Here when you need us
Our mission is to be the best business partner for our members with our expert business support services.
Custom-fit Memberships
Our membership model lets you choose the level of engagement and support your business needs with the ability to add on customised services to meet your business requirements.
We are your voice
Our powerful advocacy work programme ensures our members’ views are represented on policies and decisions both locally and nationally, giving you a voice on issues that matter most to your organisation.
Training and Events
No-one does networking like Business Canterbury! We also have numerous events to keep you informed and quality learning and development programmes to help you up-skill your team.
Membership redefined

We have a membership for every organisation

Our customised membership approach lets you choose the level of engagement and support that best suits your business needs. See Pricing Options
Learn About

Your membership options

Our standard memberships align to the different life-stages of a business and the support each of these requires. You have the choice to select specific services such as HR, Global Trade and Manufacturing or you can add these services to your standard membership. Learn more about our Membership pricing here.

Not quite ready to join? Then why not contact us about a Lite subscription so you can test what Business Canterbury has to offer through regular email updates and more. Find out more below.

Already a member?

If you are currently a Business Canterbury member, you will transfer over to the new membership framework when your membership comes up for renewal.

  • We will be in touch with you prior to your renewal date to discuss your options.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet with our team 1:1 or come along to a group forum to learn more about the new structure to help inform your choice on which category is right for your business.

Ready to join the Business Canterbury community?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with our business services, resources and support? 


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Standard Memberships

Our new model offers three levels of membership, so you can choose the level of support and engagement that is the right fit for your business. And our add-on modules for HR, Manufacturing and Global Trade ensure you get tailored support that the specific needs of your business.


Making a difference to Canterbury Business

"As new business owners, it was daunting to tackle everything we needed to do to get started. Joining [Business Canterbury] has made our lives so much easier, supporting us with everything we need to thrive in business."
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