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Business Canterbury
Leeann Watson30 November 2023

A Significant Milestone for The Chamber

The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce, the home and voice of Canterbury businesses since 1859, is excited to announce a significant milestone in its evolution.

Chief Executive, Leeann Watson says "Our members have been the bold, ambitious, and hardworking businesspeople who have collectively built the strongest and most resilient regional economy in New Zealand. As we look towards the future, we recognise that to continue to support our members and give them the most value out of their membership, we need to evolve with them."

"Earlier this month, as part of a broader initiative to evolve the organisation's offering, we rolled out a new membership model, which among other things offers a range of new services more tailored to the specific needs and stages of our members' businesses - providing our members with more choice based on their stage, size and sector.

"I am also proud to announce the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce is now Business Canterbury, and we will be rolling out our new name and brand from 14 December."
The name change follows extensive engagement with members and the wider business community.

"Business Canterbury more accurately describes the inclusivity required of a modern Chamber of Commerce, as well as better reflecting what we do and who we support.

"While we will have a new name, a new look, and a new value proposition, our role as a Chamber and putting our members at the heart of everything we do, will not change.

"Our new name makes us more accessible and relatable to our existing members and customers, and to the next generation of bold and ambitious leaders to come to for support, connection, and a collective voice" Watson adds.

Life Member and former chief executive, Peter Townsend CNZM says of the changes "It is good to see The Chamber flexing its offering to remain relevant and to maintain its position as one of the leading business support agencies in Aotearoa New Zealand. Congratulations to the team at The Chamber for recognising the need and embracing the challenge."

HamiltonJet Managing Director, Ben Reed says "As a longstanding Chamber member and a proud Canterbury manufacturer since the 1950s, we believe The Chamber always demonstrates a deep understanding of businesses during changing and challenging times, and taking their own bold steps to adapt and evolve to remain a key part of the business community for us and the next generation of Canterbury businesses is a great step. We are excited to continue being active members of Business Canterbury and reap the benefits as a member of their on-going advocacy and business support."

Hannah Hardy-Jones and Lucy Pink, founders of local tech start-up ContentedAI add "We have seen a significant drive towards innovation across the Chamber, showing a really adaptable approach to supporting a diverse range of businesses. Their commitment to enhancing the Canterbury business community, particularly through digital transformation, has been really impressive and impactful and we are really excited to be members of Business Canterbury."
Ballantynes Chief Executive, Maria O'Halloran says "Over the last 140+ years that we have been members, Ballantynes has been supported by The Chamber as we have evolved. It is great to see Business Canterbury is taking the next steps in its own evolution, and we look forward to what our continued membership will bring."

The Chamber thanks its members and the wider Canterbury business community for their continued support and invites any questions or requests for more information on the new initiatives. The new brand identity will be unveiled in the coming weeks


Leeann Watson

Creating inspirational leadership and a culture of innovation for The Chamber and being a raving enthusiast for the city, region and our business community.