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We help businesses, large and small, navigate and thrive in the international marketplace.

We support Canterbury manufacturers to innovate, thrive, and achieve their business goals.

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Our advocacy work programme ensures our members’ views are represented on policies and decisions at a local and national level.


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Post-Budget Lunch 2024, 4 JuneHOT

Join us for a post-Budget briefing from Minister of Finance, Hon Nicola Willis to learn how the Government's fiscal decisions will impact Canterbury businesses and the nation.


Leeann Watson

Creating inspirational leadership and a culture of innovation for The Chamber and being a raving enthusiast for the city, region and our business community.

Blog Post by Leeann Watson

Leeann Watson24 April 2024

Business Canterbury urges Council to cut costs, not ambition for city

Last week, Business Canterbury (formerly the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce) ...
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Leeann Watson14 March 2024

Business confidence positive, but with headwinds looming

Business Canterbury released the results of its March Quarterly Canterbury Business ...
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Leeann Watson07 December 2023

Business confidence back on the rise

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce has today released the results of its final ...
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Leeann Watson30 November 2023

A Significant Milestone for The Chamber

The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce, the home and voice of Canterbury ...
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Leeann Watson26 September 2023

Opinion: Expectations of incoming Christchurch City Council

Local government affects every business and every resident in our city. It is easy to ...
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Leeann Watson15 September 2023

Chamber welcomes progress on immigration settings

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce welcomes an announcement from Immigration ...
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Leeann Watson24 August 2023

COVID Restrictions Ending August 2023

The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce welcomes the removal of all remaining ...
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Leeann Watson25 July 2023

Opinion: Why do we need a stadium, anyway?

Throughout the last four weeks, one thing has been at the forefront of nearly every ...
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Leeann Watson19 July 2023

Metropol Column: What business wants | Leeann Watson

We see in the news every day how different policies affect households. What often falls ...
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